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We can fulfil the traditional role of a Financial Director to provide continuous expert financial and tax advice. This is the perfect solution for businesses which do not need a full-time in-house qualified accountant.

We specialise our work in order to meet your needs. Our services may include:

Business Law

  • Establish, alter and close companies locally and abroad
  • Submit yearly Financial Reports to the registrar
  • Handle Memos and/or Articles of Association changes
  • Keep B.O.D. and A.G.M. minutes.
  • Submit legal changes with the registrar
  • Submit and publish Annual reports
- We offer general company law advice with cooperation with a external Law Firm

Accounting Services

  • Book keeping of all types of companies at our offices or at your premises
  • Supervision and organization of Accounting Departments
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Support and solving of problems

Labour & Social Security Law

These services are complementary to the accounting services.

  • Payroll
  • Hiring, resignations, etc., of personnel
  • Submission of personnel records with the Labour Department
  • Registration of new employees with the Labour Exchange Bureau
  • Calculation and submission of social security fees with the Labour Exchange Bureau
  • Payroll also available by Cost Centers
  • Labour Contracts

Taxation Services

We offer a full range of taxation services to comply with the complexity of Greek Taxation Law.

  • Annual Income Tax Returns
  • Monthly V.A.T. Returns and Annual V.A.T. Return
  • Annual Real Estate Tax Returns
  • Annual Combined Statements of Suppliers and Customers
  • Withholding Tax Returns and Annual ones
  • Tax issues for establishment and closing of companies
  • Tax settlements
  • Various taxes (Increase of Capital, Transfer Duty, Goodwill etc)
  • Commencement and cessation of business (tax wise)
  • Tax consulting and planning
  • Certificate of Tax Audit with the cooperation of Auditors

Business Management & Development

Business success can be developed through the capitalisation of day-to-day opportunities and the ability to overcome everyday challenges positively.

We can assist you to structure and implement:

  • Feasibility Studies (including past and future information)
  • Monthly Cash Flow Statements
  • Cost Accounting
  • Organization of Warehouse Accounting
  • Organization of Commercial Operating Systems
  • Yearly and Monthly Budget Reports (including monthly actual reports tailored to your companies structure)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Outside funding of the business
  • Investment and Government Grants with cooperation with specialized Consultant
  • Special Audits with the cooperation of Auditors